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void org::octave::JDialogBox::prepareFrameIcon ( Frame  theFrame,
Icon  theIcon 
) [inline, private]

Replace the standard Java frame icon with an Octave Icon.

theFrameFrame - the Frame to decorate
theIconIcon - the icon to use if octave icon is not found.

Definition at line 792 of file JDialogBox.java.

Referenced by genericdlg().

      // prepare icon for upper left corner of Frame window
      // maybe there is a simpler way to achieve this
      int w = theIcon.getIconWidth ();
      int h = theIcon.getIconHeight ();
      // Frame must be made displayable by packing it for createImage() to succeed
      theFrame.pack ();
      Image theImage = theFrame.createImage ( w, h );
      theIcon.paintIcon ( theFrame, theImage.getGraphics (), 0, 0 );
      theFrame.setIconImage ( theImage );

Here is the caller graph for this function:

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