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static int org::octave::JDialogBox::emptydlg ( String  helpstring,
String  title 
) [inline, static]

Implements a simple helpdlg with default text and caption. Not very useful.

Octave > emptydlg('messagestring','title')

Called via dlgbox.m.

messagestringString - a message string to be presented to the user. The string can have embedded newline (
) characters to break the message into multiple lines.
titleString - a text string to be used to label the dialog caption.
int - always 1

Definition at line 284 of file JDialogBox.java.

References genericdlg().

      JDialogBox d = new JDialogBox ();
      String s[] = new String[1];
      s[0] = helpstring;
      return ( d.genericdlg ( s, null, title, "on",
                              FLAG_TEXT, null, null,
                              m_OK, null, m_Cancel ) );

Here is the call graph for this function:

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